Giordana Patumi


Giordana, is a multidisciplinary artist, arts manager, community facilitator and writer. 

She is passionate performing arts manager, dance lover and practitioner, looking from both an artistic and a managerial point of view. Her aim is to facilitate the expansion and growth in the professional sector of the performing arts while including and contributing to the entire community.

'Giordana is a wonderful person to have on a team. She has the skill in being able to work independently and manage herself and her work on her own whilst also being able to contribute to the team via meetings and other projects that require co-working.

She has the ability to receive information really deeply and interpret it in a way that utilizes her wide range of experience and knowledge as well as passion for the field. She has consistently made contributions to the research and development of tours, residencies, festivals as well as our events.'

(Bianca Paige Smith - Founder/Creator - B. Create.)